We were inspired by a local initiative and event called Empty Bowls that raises money to resolve hunger issues in our local community.  We created a picture book to help young children become aware of the fact that some people in our local community do not have enough food to eat on a daily basis.  This book can help to increase empathy and to encourage community involvement when shared by a caring adult.

Once children are aware of this food shortage for members of their community, they can think of different ways to help out.  People of all ages can raise public awareness of hunger issues and can help feed those who are hungry in many different ways.  Collecting cans of food, donating to a food bank, planting a community garden to share fresh produce, volunteering time, making ceramic bowls for a hunger relief initiative are some of the ways local community members can contribute.  The goal is that after sharing this Empty Bowls book, adults and children will have a conversation about what they can do to help out.  10% of all profits go directly to the local food bank or local events raising funds to address hunger issues.


Gigi Morales David, author and university professor of early childhood education, believes in fostering the innate curiosity and goodness in all children. In this book, Empty Bowls, she provides an invitation for children to think beyond their own needs and develop perspective-taking skills


Liz Wikstrom studied illustration and English at the Rhode Island School of Design. She pursues creating stories that offer up bright colors and new ways of thinking. Liz shares her workspace in Providence with several kaleidoscopic fish.